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Client Testimonials

All the testimonials are written as received
by happy clients.
A spell check has been completed but
otherwise the text is exactly as
it was received.
age 19 (Lincoln)
When i first started personal training sessions with Martin i was suffering very badly from depression and had a very bad lifestyle. Being too depressed to cope with a job or education, I resorted to staying at home and sleeping all day, watching tv all night, binge eating and no social life. I was unhappy at being overweight and had no confidence. Working with Martin, he taught me the simple rules of a healthy lifestyle, and gave me week by week goals of how to get there that were manageable and practical for the personality i have. We set goals for my sleep pattern and food intake and worked together to come up with activities to fill up my time and raise my metabolism.

Week by week we worked within the comfort of my own home using the Gym-Sticks which were very effective, and would highly recommend over a free weights set, especially for beginners.
He also taught me how to eat well using the Gi Diet which i have since integrated into my lifestyle and couldn't be happier with the way i eat now. The exercises i did with Martin were tailored to suit my fitness and flexibility and we worked together to improve specific weaknesses and fitness concerns I had.

As time went by my confidence improved and i started adding activities to my lifestyle including 5-a-side football and cross training - the weight just fell off and without realising it, i began to socialise again and started to pursuing goals of my own. Since meeting Martin barely 6 months ago i have lost a good stone and a half, acquired a job and found a really good friend in Martin himself. I'm even looking to get into the instructing career path myself! This man know's what he's doing!
Claire L Martin was recommended to me through a work colleague for massage during my pregnancy.  Initially I was concerned about being massaged whilst pregnant, and I also felt self consious. However as soon as I met Martin I felt totally at ease. From the comfort of my front room Martin examined my posture and gave me tips on how to hold myself better in order to help with those aches and pains from carrying the bump. Every step of the process was explained to me and the reasons why certain oils were used. I found the massage to be a great stress buster, it totally relaxed me and the baby responded very well. Martin would adapt the massage to suit how I was feeling. He even taught my partner how to massage me, which was fantastic My only regret is that I didn't start this sooner. It would most definitly have helped me greatly.
(Mother from South Carlton)

I first heard about Martin’s services via the NCT and saw him for a series of massages during late pregnancy. I had been suffering with some hip and back pain and thought that massage may help. My first baby had also been breech and I was keen to ensure that this baby was head down to give me as much chance of a natural birth as possible.

I found the sessions with Martin extremely relaxing and so did baby who always nodded off to sleep! Being able to have a massage at home was wonderful and provided a great opportunity for some precious time for myself. I was very impressed by Martin’s professionalism and, in addition to the massage, he gave me some exercises for my back and hip problems and great advice on how to encourage the baby into a good position.

Martin also included the opportunity for my husband to learn some massage techniques ready for when I went into labour. This proved useful for both of us – my husband felt he would have a helpful role to play and I was reassured that he would be able to provide support using the massage we had practised.

Following the sessions with Martin and using the techniques we had learnt my labour went well I achieved a relatively quick and comfortable natural birth.

age 54
(Grantham area)

I was totally devastated when my Mum had a stroke, which affected her both mentally and physically. The biggest physical problem was that the stroke damaged the muscles in Mum's shoulder and this was quite debilitating for her. When I tried to move her arms and shoulders to dress her she wept with pain which in turn was extremely distressing for me.

A friend, whose mother had been in a similar position, told me about Martin and explained how he had helped her mother not only physically but also in her general wellbeing. I contacted martin and he kindly came to assess the situation with Mum. He began aromatherapy massage for her, choosing appropriate oils according to Mum's needs. Within a short time Mum was able to put both arms above her head without pain. She was always smiling and content.

Sadly, a couple of years later she developed breast cancer which she fought bravely, again with Martin's help.

Towards the end of her life I was under great strain caring for Mum. Not only was Mum clearly deteriorating but I was organising our daughter's wedding for May, my heart broke when my beautiful dog died in June and then my beloved Mum died in July.

Martin and I talked and he told me that sometimes the carer needs help just as much as the one you are caring for and he introduced me to aromatherapy massage. It made me feel so much better again, relaxing me and relieving the stress. I truly believe martin's massages kept me sane during that distressing period of my life. Martin is so professional I never once felt nervous or embarrassed. My husband, John, who had an operation on his spine some years ago and constantly suffered with back pain, saw how Martin's aromatherapy massage had improved my life that he too had massages from Martin. In the past two years that he has been treated John has not suffered with any back pain.

No-one could be more grateful that me to have been introduced to Martin.

(Witham St Hughs)
I'd previously had a couple of massages at beauty salons and really enjoyed how relaxed they made me feel.  I'd heard about the benefits of aromatherapy massage in pregnancy and asked my midwife if she could recommend anyone as I understood that having a massage by someone not trained in pregnancy massage could affect the pregnancy.  She recommended Martin.
Prior to the massage Martin was very thorough going through my history and listening to my needs to identify the correct oils needed for the massage.  I'd been having some pain down my right thigh and hoped that a massage would help ease this.  It certainly did and Martin also recommended some exercises for me to do to stop the problem coming back.
I am naturally quite an inquisitive person and asked a lot of questions about the oils and how they worked.  Martin indulged my inquisitiveness answering my questions and giving advice about different oils I could use during labour and how my husband could help by massaging me.  The power of plants is amazing.
One of the benefits about having a massage from Martin is that he visits you at home.  You are then in your own comfortable surroundings and don't have to think about the drive back to your home, which would undo all his good work.  All he needs is a quiet, warm room that is large enough to fit in a massage table.
I felt the benefits of the massage for quite sometime afterwards.  I felt relaxed, calm and nicely sleepy.  I enjoyed it that much I arranged another massage for later in my pregnancy at 37 weeks.  Again I felt so comfortable and at ease with Martin and the massage did the trick again.
I would thouroughly recommend Martin and his aromatherapy massage during pregnancy.
Thanks Martin.
aged 44


I started one to one personal training with Martin almost 9 months ago. I am hypothyroid and have many varying symptoms all which raise their head every so often. Since working with Martin the improvement has been amazing, slow but amazing! I have my off days physically and mentally all of which is taken into account, but the overall effect on my life is where the difference is. I am fitter and healthier and I have more confidence in myself so I can cope with my condition so much better than before. Martin is an incredible trainer; with his experience he seems to understand what you can do and how far you can go, and how much "gentle" persuasion to use to get the best out of you.

With the hypothyroidism comes a lot of muscle and joint pain, so to complement the personal training I occasionally use the MLD and aromatherapy massage, which helps me relax. The massage is indeed very relaxing and expertly applied by Martin, he is very aware of how self conscious us women can be and everything is very discreet, with modesty intact. It is a wonderful experience.

age 40 (Lincoln)

For many years I have suffered from pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), the main symptoms being mood swings, irritability, loss of energy, breast tenderness and bloatedness.

I have been having regular monthly manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and aromatherapy massage sessions with Mandarin Therapies since November 2001.

The manual lymphatic drainage works more specifically on the physical symptoms of PMS. However, the very subtle and gentle movements of MLD seem to work at deeper levels.

Each MLD and aromatherapy massage is tailored to my specific symptoms at that time. Martin will choose a particular blend of oils to work on these individual symptoms.

Since I have been having the aromatherapy massage & MLD my symptoms of PMS have decreased significantly whereas previously I could have up to 10-14 days of (disabilitating) symptoms - now the average is 2-3 days. I feel that the value of both of these treatments is that they are not just working on the purely physical level but also on emotional levels in addressing the 'whole' person. Martin will also give advice on nutritional, dietary and exercise needs, reflecting this holistic approach.

I work in quite a stressful job and as well as addressing the symptoms of PMS, the MLD massage treatment represents a dedicated space for me to relax and unwind - the individually chosen background music and the massage enhancing my general wellbeing and ability to relax in today's stressful lifestyle.

age 42 (Lincoln)

I was a founder member of Martin's circuit training course, and now more than 15 years on, I am still attending the Tuesday night class! My original reason for going was to get fit following ill health and I found Martin very supportive, knowledgeable and professional. He worked with me to ensure that I was not over doing it initially and then as confidence and fitness improved he increased my fitness by pushing me along and getting me to do more. He does this with all the class members, which vary in age from 17 years to over 60! All the time, however, there is an element of fun and he will regularly change the circuit to ensure we are kept on our feet! In all my years of going to circuit, I have never had an injury or aching muscles as he ensures we all warm up and down correctly at the start and end of the class.

Although I still attend circuit classes, my wife and I asked Martin last year to become our personal trainer, which we are finding very beneficial as he has worked out a personal programme for us both to follow. Our fitness levels have improved and our weight and % body fat has gradually come down. We also enjoy a once/ month massage from Martin to keep the muscles relaxed, however, he again differentiates himself by using a variety of oils, which suit you. The massage can either be for relaxation or to help cure a particular complaint i.e. a strained thigh.

age 44 (Mandarin Therapies)
I feel so humble. Thank you all for your kind words.
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