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  Personal Training

All Mandarin Leisure services are fully mobile providing a professional experience from the comfort and convenience of your own home. So, as there is neither a salon or gym, the need for you to waste time (and suffer the stresses and expense) traveling has been eliminated.

Fortunately that leaves you with some extra time for yourself - your travel time has been removed which could leave you with something in the region of up to 2 extra hours in your day.

Training at home means that the exercise program can be completed in an hour without you having the inconvenience of having to travel across the county each time you want to exercise.

Once you have made your booking for Personal Training the next priority is to make sure that you enjoy your experience. You should finish your session feeling motivated, which or course will help to maximise your potential whether you are new to exercise or a professional sports person.

  Your program will begin with a comprehensive consultation to determine the direction of your training and to record any problem areas that need to be specifically addressed. A full fitness test will then follow and will be repeated every 6-8 weeks to plot your progress.

  The fitness test will include your body measurements using a tape measure, weighing scales and skin fold calipers. Once your body shape, weight and percentage body fat has been recorded, the only way now is forward. During this test we will also test (and of course record) your flexibility, strength and aerobic fitness. Phew!
Back Pain Rehabilitation

If you have ever suffered with back pain you will know how debilitating it can be.  It’s not just the pain, but the lack of movement and the limitations it can bring to both your work and social life is really not fun at all.

Once you have a back injury your priority should be to keep it mobile and strengthen the area to help alleviate the pain. The programme used by Mandarin Fitness has been used by sports physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts for elite athletes over many years with great success. It is not a substitute for medical advice and intervention but is rather a complementary programme. Your schedule will include a progressive rehabilitation programme that will strengthen the area and in conjunction with treatment, alleviate or eliminate pain. It can be used both pre and post surgery and may even help to prevent the intervention of the surgeons knife!

Where in the past (and unfortunately in many cases in the present) the first thing that would be prescribed by a doctor dealing with back pain would be bed rest and pain killers, research has proven that the more active a patient is the less pain they have and the quicker they regain mobility.

The key to this programme is keeping active and employing a sustained physical conditioning regime. If you have back pain, whether it is a new injury or an ongoing condition and you would like to know more about this programme please contact Mandarin Fitness for more details.
Gym Design Service
Given the budget, it is possible to source the equipment that will suit you and your bank manager! We have access to many companies who can build your equipment from new or who can provide top quality refurbished systems.

Once installed, all equipment requires a thorough testing!

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