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Therapeutic Massage

Especially for mothers -
Healthy and comfortable pregnancy

The antenatal weeks are probably one of the most exciting periods in any woman's life. The mother to be will experience great happiness and possibly even a little anticipation. It is a time of varying emotions and physical changes too, when the mother experiences a whole new awareness of her body as it prepares itself for the birth of her baby.

During the next 40 weeks or so she will experience weight gain around the abdomen which will put a strain on her back, hips, knees and even her balance as her centre of gravity changes. Massage can help to alleviate some of these associated problems but when combined with a particular focus on her posture and a simple exercise programme the effects become much more holistic and the results are marked. Lower back, upper back, shoulders, hips, groin, knees and ankles can all be made to feel much more comfortable and even sleepless nights can become a thing of the past. Swollen hands and feet are also alleviated by the effects of the massage and exercise programme.

Thank goodness for the nice relaxing and wonderfully special Antenatal massage - a time for peace, calm and that special time that the expectant mother deserves

Antenatal Care
Mandarin Mother does not provide the Antenatal Care that you will expect from the team of highly professional Midwives but Mandarin Mother will focus Antenatal Care on the special needs of the mother to be, helping her through the aches and pains of pregnancy by completing regular posture checks and providing emotional support, soothing and relaxing massages accompanied by a suitable exercise plan to ensure a truly joyful and holistic experience. The massage can be conducted on a massage couch, seated or leaning over a Gym Ball or even on a futon on the floor. As the pregnancy develops it will not be comfortable for the mother to be lying on her tummy so the side lying position will be used with plenty of cushions and pillows to provide support and comfort. There is no set routine for the massage as the treatment is guided completely by the mother who may want particular attention to be placed on her back or legs but may not want her tummy or hands massaged. However, she may have different ideas during the following session.
Well, after all, it is her massage!
The posture check may highlight some areas of concern that were previously unnoticed. The answers to most of these problems are usually very simple and once explained can often be relatively easy to rectify. Ideally, treatments will start pre-pregnancy but if that is not possible don't worry; treatments can be started at any stage of the pregnancy. We will begin with a detailed consultation and the treatment plan will be as individual as the mother – a truly unique and bespoke experience designed to make her feel relaxed, calm and pain free as she prepares for her very important event. Personal experience also suggests that it is not just the mother who benefits from a nice relaxing massage – the baby seems to love it too!
Usually (depending on the mothers' preference) the massage is accompanied by soothing music. The relaxing massage, calming music, a warm room and comfortable environment is enough to send both mother and baby into a peaceful sleep. The babies have even been known to respond to the music and smell of the oils before the massage has begun by becoming calm and restful.
We will discuss many different aspects of the pregnancy including natural self administered pain relief, birthing positions, the role of her partner and/or birthing partner, simple solutions to help combat back and hip pains and even tips on adopting simple relaxing positions to help reverse occipital posterior (baby laying back to back (or spine to spine)) position with mum by creating room for the baby to move into the occipital anterior (normal) position.
Your Partner

The focus so far has all been on the mother and her unborn baby. What about the partner? He is probably feeling left out by now. From what I have seen and experienced, it is the partners' role to want to help and be as much a part of the antenatal period as possible. With this in mind, the plan can be tailored to involve him where possible. This is the ideal opportunity for him to learn some basic massage techniques and Shiatsu pressure points to continue the massages over the coming months and help him to bond early with his developing child.

Learning simple massage techniques is one thing, but the emphasis must be on safety. By the time the partner is taught to massage, the mother will already have been coached on what is safe and unsafe for her. The instruction now will be focused on the partners' safety – back injuries are not an option! Some partners are not comfortable doing the massage but will still want to know what is going on so that they can provide support. The aim of Mandarin Mother is to support not intimidate. A comfortable and loving relationship is what is needed.
Following the birth the mother is probably going to feel tired and uncomfortable. After so many weeks of being pregnant she is quite possibly looking forward to life without the extra weight and all its' implications. However, she will still need to consider her posture when feeding her new baby and may suffer with back and shoulder tension as well as abdominal aches and pains where the muscles and tendons have been stretched and worked hard. After all that she has been through She will probably relish the thought of a nice relaxing massage or two.
The treatments are charged by the session rather than the hour. A session has been known to last up to 3 hours where the mother has had issues or complications that have needed to be addressed or where she has simply needed re-assurance. The session will rarely be less than 90 minutes though.
Course of 4 treatments and initial consultation * £135.00
Course of 6 treatments and initial consultation *£225.00
Course of 10 treatments and initial consultation *£405.00
Single session and initial consultation £70.00
Single session only **£45.00
*When booking a course the consultation and last session are both free.
**Single sessions are sessions booked individually after an initial consultation has been carried out.
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