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Midwife of the Year

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The Midwife of the Year award for Lincoln was organised by the Lincoln branch of the National Childbirth Trust and it was my privilege to be the main sponsor for the 2009 competition. After contacting Jules King of the NCT (Lincoln) I was very pleased when she told me it had been agreed that Mandarin Leisure should be the main sponsor. If you are reading this you will probably already be of the opinion that Midwives in general, and the winners in particular, are a very hard working and dedicated breed of person. I also happen to believe that their pay does not reflect fully the responsibility that they bear. With that in mind I decided that the winning prize should reflect more fully the level of dedication and commitment that all the candidate’s exhibit. After some thought I came up with a package that would see the winner receiving £500 worth of Complementary Therapies or Personal Training sessions.

The standard was, as always, very high but alas there can only ever be one winner. This year the honour went to Kayleigh Waugh who works in the Lincoln Maternity Unit. She won the Mandarin Leisure gift voucher for £500.00, a framed certificate, a bottle of champagne and a stunning trophy from Running Imp plus 2 months free membership to Curves Gym.

The second prize was awarded to Nicky Kirk who is a Community Midwife. She scooped a £100 Mandarin Leisure voucher and a framed certificate as well as a bottle of wine and a £50.00 Mark Jeffs voucher. The standard was too high to decide on a third place so instead there were 3 commendations who each won £50.00 Mandarin Therapies vouchers, £15.00 Waitrose vouchers and some lovely flowers which were donated by Flowers by Suzanne.

The commendations were awarded to Rebecca Warren and Lindsey Thacker who are both Community Midwives and Victoria Chapple who works in the Lincoln Maternity Unit. The whole proceedings may never have taken place of course if it had not been for the generosity of Paula Leeson of The Old Station Nursery who provided the funds (£100) to pay for entry forms.
This is Kayleigh (the good looking one) with me (the other one) at the Awards on 6 November 2009. For those who know me; yes, it is me in a suit!  A very proud Kayleigh with Jules and Nicola from the Lincoln NCT
Mother of the Year group Photo
The Group Photo.  Victoria and Rebecca are at the front (left and right respectively) with Kayleigh and Nikki
behind. Standing on the back row from the left is Simon Gartside (Manager at Waitrose), Paula Leeson (from
The Old Station Nursery) and me again. Unfortunately Lindsey was ill and unable to attend the presentations.
Above: Jules makes the winners feel at ease as she lets us all know just how good these ladies are before handing out the well deserved prizes.
Kayleigh seems to be getting used to the new found stardom as she poses for a picture with new parents who were so impressed with her care that they nominated her to be  Midwife of the Year 2009
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